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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yep another sunrise post......

I really liked the delicacy of the light coming around the mountain and hitting these low lying clouds. Sometimes I just love the winter..... What did I just say?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunchtime Blitz: Downtown!

I love the opportunity to have people listen to me, whether they have a choice or not really doesn't matter that much. So when I was asked to assist with two training sessions at one of our sister hospitals downtown I jumped at the opportunity. I was even more excited to find out that this involved a longer than usual lunch break between classes. I had taken my camera with my SMC K 35mm f3.5 lens with me, mainly because this is my smallest and lightest lens, and was ready to have some fun.

As always click on the photo for a larger version, I will try to describe why each of the many photos was included, this time, just to sharpen my own impressions.

The State Capitol: I really liked the sky more than anything else, but having the mountains showing in the background really added to the shot.

WW I Memorial: I have never been a big user of Memory Grove, however taking the opportunity to walk through was enjoyable, I loved the carving and details on this monument. This first shot captured the light as I first saw it and really gives me the textures I wanted.

The curves of these next two please me, I tried to choose between them and couldn't, so you get both.

I tried to get the flag blowing but the wind was not cooperating. I like the starkness of the marble and faded flag against the deep blue sky. I did a fairly heavy perspective correction for this shot, but the sharpness held pretty well.

My title for this shot is "Bent", I loved the colors and contrasts in this shot, and the perspective of the fence running off into the distance pleased me as well.

This stone faced chappie bewitched me for a moment, I really wondered what he could be thinking. The texture and the light gave depth to his face, and the pigeon spikes added just the right touch of ridiculous.

I don't revisit a lot of settings besides Temples, but I have been wondering if this guys stuff would still be there, and it was, though less neat than the last time. I keep being intrigued by the unknown backstory.

To me "Plum" has always been a mark of good, a plum assignment was a really good one, you get the drift. Well Plum Alley was part of the old Chinatown that has now been dozed under and built on, and is now just an alley. I think I have too many elements going on, but that is downtown to me. the dilapidated Eat-A-Burger behind with the concrete block parking garage, the plane in the sky, the beat on Do-Not-Enter sign. They all combine to give the shot texture.

The last time I wandered downtown I found a garbage can behind bars, now I find a garbage truck. I just get intrigued that folks have to lock up an area with a garbage truck.... who is gonna steal it? Really?

Hummingbirds of bronze.... I like that... easier to photograph than the other kinds for sure. I just loved the color and strangeness of seeing this. Really not sure why this part is underlining... GRRRR!

I called this "The Snake Pit", I was really hoping that the wire was not live, and didn't get close, I really liked the swirling of the wires and the sharp edged cut. Like life, messy and not ending where you expect it.

What a delicious bright yellow contrast to the more decrepit background, and yet the lean tells a story, I liked having it lean out of the frame, breaking a rule but creating tension.

This Rat's Nest of wires was really kind of scary to look at. Found myself wondering if some drunken electrician managed to finish it before he electrocuted himself.

Heading back to Memory Grove and the long steep hill back up, Despite the beautiful sun there were none of these benches that were in use. It felt kind of lonely, that is what I liked here, the loneliness of these devices sitting unused.

Memorial Chapel: I am sure this looks better in spring when everything is a brilliant green. I felt it was more meditative in late winter with the dormancy of the environment reflecting the dormancy of death, yet with the knowing of the renewal of life to come, to meditate upon.

You got two of these, simply because I liked this composition as well.

Hope you enjoyed my lunchtime walk.

A day in the life of a Mountain

Every morning last week I watched the snow blowing off the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains to the East of the Valley and have been regretting not having my camera with telephoto lens attached. So one day I rememberd to grab it as I went out the door. I ended up shooting morning lunchtime and evening from the grounds of the building where I work. These are the three I liked. (as always click the photo for a larger view.)

Storm Mountain: Blowing snow.

Storm Mountain: Clouds at noon.

Lone Peak: Last light.