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Monday, August 10, 2015

Exploring the Everyday

Have you ever just taken the opportunity to look at something. I mean really LOOK at it. Something you have seen frequently but never really appreciated the details and uniqueness of it? Well... if you haven't you should. This building lies directly adjacent to the light rail line I ride frequently, and just down the street from my brothers office. I have seen it hundreds of times looking out the window of the train as I had my thoughts on anything but it.

Several weeks ago I really "Saw" it, I suddenly ached to get close to it. Secretly to get inside, but the law abiding guy I am won't allow me to dwell on it. It is for sale/rent, apparently defunct. I has grain elevators (I think) and other things I don't know about yet. I took the edge off my thirst in 15 minutes of shooting, but hardly quenched it.

Here. Here is just a beginning of exploring a new building and a new area.

This brought me in, I love painted buildings. Don't know why, I just do. 

The only color image from this brief shoot. Rusting diagonal across a building that I could not get straight. Nothing was plumb or square. Or maybe it was just me...

The very emptiness of this strut intrigues me, what did it hold, who looked at it EVERYDAY for years, what were they thinking, if they saw it again, what memories would it bring back?

I like the wood better than the corrugated tin.

Greasy pipe ends, and gloves set down. Waiting for someone to come back. But never to be used again? All I feel is melancholy when I look at it.

Lines and buildings converging in the distance. Draw the eye to... nothing.