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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Film! Film? Really.... FILM!!! I shot film!

Having had the opportunity to use my fathers old Voigtlander Vito II camera, a folding 35mm film camera made in 1954...ish... I am excited to announce that it works, and actually works quite well!

I put in a roll of 24 exposure, Tri-X 400 and off I went. Now just so you don't think this was an easy painfree experience, here is a description of what is involved with taking a shot. After you have figured what you want to shoot.

1) Pull out the light meter, spend a minute or two using it to estimate the best exposure.

2) Put away meter, pull out camera, unsnap case, release folding mechanism and fold lens out locking into place.

3) Set exposure on camera, cock shutter, guess your focusing distance. No there is no way to confirm your focus. This is not even a rangefinder, this is point and guess.

4) Frame the shot, make whatever adjustments need to be made, take a deep breath, let it half out, hold and gently press the release button, trying not to shake. There is no Shake Reduction, or Vibration Reduction, or Image Stabilization.

5) Wait till you finish the roll, get it developed and find out if you messed up or not.

In this age of instant review.... this is hard to deal with, kind a fun though.

Now... on to the pictures. (Just as a side note, Blogspot is doing something weird with my thumbnails, and putting some kind of sharpening on them that is giving me halos at the dark/light transitions. This is not intentional, I try to avoid them at all costs.)

These are the "Keepers" from the roll, I was not super choosy, lowering my standards in difficult shooting situations keeps me sane!

Olympic Bridge at the University of Utah, this was part of the athletes village during the 2002 Olympics.

I have NO CLUE, where this shot was taken, likely someplace downtown, but I do not remember taking it at all. Absolutely LOVE the shadows though.

I have shot this staircase at the human genetics building at the U of U since I took this image and posted it here, but this was the first shot I tried.

Downtown Salt Lake, cast iron chair in a new plaza.

New Fountain on the plaza, I really liked the arch of the water, with the Salt Lake Temple in the background. I may try this shot during the Christmas Season when the trees are lit up.

This was a very unique fountain that caught my eye, the curves please me.

Back to the other fountain again, this could end up being a staple for me, I think there are lots of ways to photograph this.

The rest of these shots are from the Tour of Utah. I went up to the Presidents Circle after getting off of work and shot some of the cyclists as they went past. I really didn't expect any of these to turn out, but I got more keepers than I had any right to.