I'm now selling my photos!!!

I now host galleries of my favorite photos @ www.lloydshell.zenfolio.com Feel free to surf over there to see photo's that may have drifted into the darkest reaches of the archives here on Blogspot.

I also have begun selling my photographs when requested, I can handle most sizes and finishes either locally or via my on-line printing service.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dawn January 01, 2009

Had to work New Years Day, not all bad though, I decided to bring my camera along, and while not as spectacular as I wanted I got some interesting color.

The first shot is a Processed JPEG from the camera, the second was shot as RAW (Pentax PEF Flavor) and converted to 16bit TIFF than processed and saved as JPEG. Not trying to match either, just processing as best I can and to my own (Weird) taste. Probably went too far with the color on the first one, but still having fun.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bread... Tasty Bread.....

We had a Christmas Party for our whole family on Christmas Eve, and my sister (The Fantastic Baker) made some bread. She left it on a wooden bread board to cool, and I was suddenly struck by the light on it over in a darker corner of the kitchen. So being the camera geek I am I whipped out my tripod mounted camera and started shooting. The best two shots are here, in reverse order. These were taken with my 50mm f1.4 at either f8 or f11, with natural light.