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Saturday, December 31, 2011

University of Utah: Presidents Circle.

Day after Christmas, have to work.... how to make the day brighter? Take pictures after work! Nothing especially awesome here, just working on getting my mojo back. Been in a bit of a slump except for the Christmas at Temple Square shoot, and needing to just wander with camera in hand. Thought about the shots I got the last time I was up on the circle and decided to head back, this time with my 55-300 zoom. Usually I am a prime guy for this kind of stuff but wanted to try something different. My goal was to capture the wonderful detail on the column caps with good exposures that keep detail on the stone.

The first four shots are of Gardner Hall, home to the department of Music.

This last is of the LCB, or Leroy Cowles Building, I had many classes in this building. Not entirely sure that this is the best processing of this, I will re-post if I get something better.

Think I learned that I am still pretty much a prime guy for creative shooting.....