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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A few from November

I have always been fascinated by the ability of the camera to compress or expand time, distance and/or perspective. I have done this before I just don't get tired of it though. Holding the camera against the glass behind the light rail operators head and taking a longer exposure. Streaking the lights, showing the motion. Kind of like being in the Millennium Falcon in Hyperdrive. 

The clouds this time of year tend to fascinate me so... I especially love it when the mountains cast shadows on the clouds as the sun is first just starting to come up. It will stop me in my tracks, this morning did. Made me miss my train, but I didn't care! These are all multi shot panoramas taken with my Pentax SMC 24mm f2.8.

More clouds over where I work. Yeah I went all HDR on it, but it looks OK I think.

Much Delayed Posts

Yeah, I'm busy, and well... I have had things to do. Sorry if you feel neglected. It is not intentional to not be posting, it is just neccessary. 

All these shots are from October of 2015 and are just around my daily commute.