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Monday, September 9, 2013

Taking an afternoon off...

Nothing better than taking an afternoon to play after working hard in the morning.

One day last week I went to my parents in the morning to help with some tree and bush trimming. After filling my truck with the results of my efforts, I ran the load out to the County Landfill. Driving in I saw a sign that begged to be photographed. I wonder what these signs do to the unwary?

Ah.... the picture becomes clearer, they enable the cops to nail us in quite absurd ways.

After unloading and sweeping out my truck, I headed over to the lightrail station to catch a train, alas I missed it by less than a minute, so I had to drive to the Heavy Rail Frontrunner station to get to Ogden on time. I had hoped to drive less, but, you do what you can. Frontrunner was fun but not particularly photogenic, plus I was carrying a 12x24 print for a client in Ogden and really couldn't get up and wander around much.

For you gearheads, I took my old K200d body and my 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 & 135mm f2.5 lenses. This is likely to become my standard street shooting kit. At some point I would like to maybe add the 85mm f1.8 of matching vintage, or the even more rare 105mm f2.8. It works to have a moderate wide, a medium tele with a bright aperture and something a bit longer to give some reach.

I love the old trains at the Ogden Rail Museum, some more preserved than others, but all impressive in their own way. The details interest me most, the engineering, the massiveness of the construction, the romance of the days of travel by steam power.

This locomotive is known as a "Big Blow" it was one of a very few Turbine Powered locomotives ever built. The sheer MASSIVENESS of this thing cannot be over stated.

After leaving the museum I rode Frontrunner to Downtown Salt Lake City, and met a friend to take him a shake from Crown Burger. Afterwards I wandered the area north of Energy Solutions Arena looking for photo opportunities.

When I nail the focus my 50mm f1.4 is really quite sharp, which helps in the darker hours of the day.

I really don't know why but this forlorn rag in a parking lot tells a story to me.