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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

There is a story in here somewhere....

Make up the story as you go. But this is some OLD concrete sidewalk, so this footprint has been there for a long time. Wonder what has happened to these feet since he or she made this footprint. How many years? Countless steps in the night walking the floor with a sick baby. Feet now grown old with faltering steps. How many years? How many more footprints?

Shoot What is Around You!

Sometimes it is nice to travel someplace different, and get your photographic juices flowing, it is easy, you are seeing something new and just capturing the newness. What is harder is finding the newness in what you see everyday. This is why I sometimes carry a macro lens, but not today, I was planning to shoot stuff further away than the macro will reach. 

I walk around my neighborhood a lot, especially the lake nearby. I am often going later at night or am in a hurry and cannot take the time to stop and take photos, so I deliberately left my camera home.

NOT today! Wahoo!

Determined to capture the beauty around me that I often don't notice (in a hurry, tired etc...) I grabbed my camera as I went out the door to walk my daughter to school and take a walk with my wife.

Today it was totally worth it. Water droplets on some fallen leaves? Notice and walk past usually, today: down on my knees falling behind daughter and wife taking some quick shots.

Cormorants, love these dorky looking things!

Lots of ducklings at the lake, wondering how she keeps track of all of them!

Guess it was portrait time, he posed. I swear he posed!

I have been wanting to get a photo of a red shouldered blackbird for awhile, usually they look like this. Stupid things. Somehow they know when I am about to press the button...

Not all of the ducks are up and doing stuff yet. This duckpile had a rather sullen looking member.

Some poppies along the trail make for a nice splash of color.

At the north end of the lake there is a wooden trail through the rushes and cattails. This year there have been multiple birds hanging out right next to it, and not flying away when you walk by. Better than 2 years ago when there was a red shouldered blackbird that would dive at anybody who got close. I think she had a nest close to the trail that year.

I do not remember these guys being in Utah when I was a kid. Like them, though. A lot. The yellow/gold is beautiful, their call is not so beautiful though, imagine a rusty coffin being opened in a hurry.

Finally got the Red Shoulders I have been wanting. They are so dang dark that I had to fiddle with the files a lot, but glad to have gotten some shots. It was kind of like an itch I could not scratch.

I think this is a female Red Shouldered Blackbird. Pretty little thing!

Not sure what this bird is, but I LOVE the plumage!

Glad I got to get some good shots today, in my hood. All you have to do is look and take some time and you can find beauty all around you. You don't have to travel a long ways to take photos. Even though it is really fun!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

We have had such an amazingly long spring our flowers have lasted FOREVER! And since I always have trouble choosing which photos I like the most, you get to see ALL the photos I like.

The Iris are at my mom and dad's house, NOBODY grows them like her!

Haven't seen Buttercups for awhile, I have fond memories of tearing the green buds apart to find the petals when I was a kid.