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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Temples in one Night

It is a wonderful part of living in Utah that you may drive past several temples in one day. Temple building is a big part of the worship of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (a.k.a. the Mormon Church, though this is not the official name)

Utah is the only place on the face of the planet where you can do that. Recently we went for a drive and decided to go past two of them, so I could get an idea of angles and sites to shoot from. I am greatly desirious of taking opportunities in the future, when I think the light/sunset/sunrise etc... will be favorable, to shoot as good of shots as are taken by professionals and sold here in Salt Lake.

These three I liked, the first is the Draper Temple, the second and third are the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. I have been using more and more, the sophisticated tools that I have at my disposal in Photoshop to adjust the image to look closer to reality and more pleasing as best I can.

I hope you like them.

Last Light

This is my first long distance/infinity focus shot with my Vivitar 200mm. I missed the best of the light, didn't know it was there that day. I need to train my kids to be better spotters.

I love seeing the last light of the day on this mountain which can be seen from my front porch. It is just an amazing sight when it is lit up just right.

I am still working on geting my screwmount adapter to fit just right, the flange is not quite thick enough and without some kind of spacer I can't get the bayonet to turn into the mount. But if the spacer is too thick then I lose infinity focus. Guess I should have just spent the money for the real thing from Pentax. I am planning to try and get a better lit shot at some point.

Moving Clouds at Night.

As you saw in an earlier post I had a picture that I took at night that was a fairly scenic shot of the mountains from above my boyhood home. I decided to try to replicate that in a more planned way. I really enjoyed how the clouds were blurred by movement during the exposure.

I decided to do a little less playing with the colors than on my previous image. I have to admit I am temped to download a program to stitch these two images together and see what that looks like.

Taken from Alta High School, just west of the Football Stadium.

Techincal info: Pentax K200D, Pentax K-28mm f3.5 @ f8, approximately 2min exposure, hand timed with wired remote release. Processed from RAW to TIFF in Pentax PhotoLab, levels adjustment and cropping in PhotoShop 6.0.