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I also have begun selling my photographs when requested, I can handle most sizes and finishes either locally or via my on-line printing service.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Atriums and Barbed Wire

Nothing fancy here, just showing off what I like to do, notice details and record them.

Cold frosty mornings and barbed wire are a nice combination!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wide open and deliberately NOT focused...

Yeah, I get bored/crazy and try interesting things sometimes. I like to pretend my Sigma 17-70 is really a 17mm prime and can be shot wide open at f2.8. I may not be all that crazy. It seems to work quite well sometimes.

First shot, indoors, wide open, of a tree made of strings of lights. 

Same tree from further away, pedestrians silhouetted against the light, the ENTIRE image deliberately Out of focus. Crazy no?

Later the same evening, melting snow on my windshield with lights behind, zoomed out to 70mm but wide open again. Whether these are "good" shots or not I leave up to you, but when you are feeling like there is nothing to shoot, try breaking some rules and get crazy. Could be fun!!!