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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nativity and Temple Shots

I have loved sitting by this fountain on warmer days, looking at the temple and drinking in the peace of temple square. I especially love temple square during the Christmas Season. It brings back memories of High School Choir times, singing in the visitors centers and assembly hall. Ah... I love this place.

I was very excited to see this nativity in the middle of the reflecting pool just east of the Temple. It just seemed like such a cool idea. It was hard to photograph due to it's lighter color and the amount of light it received. I think I handled it fairly well.

Backlit Windows on the Assembly Hall

Shooting through the trees created an interesting pattern of lights and darks. I really enjoyed taking these images.

Lights on Temple Square

I have a "Thing" for lights glowing under snow, and the interplay of light and shadow on the snow. It is something that I can stare at endlessly, take pictures of endlessly too.

OK, You wanted the finished tree......

Here ya go!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowy Sunrise

Lauriann woke me on the morning of Dec 15th to come witness a magnificent sunrise, I missed the best part of it, but I was able to get this lovely image.

Resized to crop off a bunch of crud on my sensor, need to buy some swabs I think.

Building a Christmas Tree

OK so they are in reverse order, sue blogger, they are the ones that put them in reverse order from the way I picked them!

I feel that photography can and should tell a story, well this is a story of getting ready for Christmas.

Again in reverse order. sigh...

The Ghost of Christmas Present

I was playing/practicing low light photography with a master and dumb slave flashes, I did OK, though I need to use a better bounce for my master, can you guess what I did wrong? Yep, I got up and walked away before the exposure was done. Turned out kinda cool though.