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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Few Recent Temple Photos

Whenever I think I have gotten as many photos as I need of the temple, I find I need more. Why? Because I do. Just because. These first three are HDR and maybe a trifle over the top. Doesn't matter to me, I like them. Neiner neiner!

In this series I was trying to duplicate a prior success and in part I did, I have wanted to toy with backlighting on the temple for a long time. Looking for drama I suppose. It definitely challenges a lens to shoot directly into the sun though.

Panoramas R Me....

Just another quick panorama from the Light Rail Station.... Love me some sunrise!

HDR of the same thing but a single frame. Mmmmmm good!

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Walk Around the Lake on a Summer Morning.

I'm behind on editing and posting photos, LOVE being busy but it gets me crazy sometimes. Like I NEED crazy added!!!!

These were all taken with my DA 55-300mm lens, "consumer grade" but plays above it's origins as far as IQ goes. There are sharper lenses, but for the size and weight, it works very well. I shot all of these out by the lake by my home. I had never seen a Yellow Headed Blackbird before, that was pretty cool! So was the Green bee...

Nothing Special

Sometimes I like to take my camera with me just anywhere. This time it was to a wedding. Yeah, photographer at a wedding, but not THE photographer, thank heavens!

What I love are the details and decorative stuff that would normally annoy me but that are fun  to take pictures of. Who thinks of this stuff?

As a side note, I am definitely a Prime not a Zoom lens shooter, but there is something to be said for my Sigma 17-70 (The older f2.8-4.5 screwdrive version) It is just a versatile lens, and not too big. I will likely ALWAYS have one in my bag... unless Pentax makes something better for the size.