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Saturday, July 26, 2008

'Nother Early Morning Shot just a little later

This is the top of the steeple of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple just a short distance from my home. The golden dude is the Angel Moroni, yeah, the one who delivered the golden plates to Joseph Smith.

I just loved the colors, yes I played with things a tiny bit, not much. Sue me!

Playing at sunrise

Greetings! I got up early today because there is a sight I see everyday on my ride to work. As I ride along side Oquirrh Lake it is usually right at sunrise, and for the last several weeks I have been treated to nice sunrises AND on the other side of the valley the ruddy early morning light glowing on the pile of overburden dumped by Kennecott at the Bingham Canyon Mine. The worlds largest open pit mine. Despite the enviromental issues it is really kinda pretty. I don't think I captured it very well, partially because I was wanting to do a lens test to compare the lens I borrowed from my Bro. Phil (The DA 18-55) and the SMC-Pentax 28mm f3.5, and the SMC-Pentax 50mm f 1.4 as far as color/sharpenss etc... I will post pictures here, but I haven't done any crops to show the differences if any they will have to come later.