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Monday, March 28, 2011

Common things.

I had just clocked out last saturday and was getting ready to leave when I had a thought. "Will I remember the things I use everyday 20 years from now?" I know I used expensive "Snob Pens" as I call them while in college for my undergrad degree. But I can't remember what kind they were. So I thought I would spend a few minutes shooting some of the things I use everyday at work.

Things I communicate with Part I: Writing. I give out lots of exercise handouts each week, and I add specific things on each as needed. The magnets are to keep track of who has which patient.

Things I communicate with Part II: Visual/Verbal, Hearing Aids (yes mine.... sadly enough), Vocera, kind of like a Star Trek Communicator Pin, with less reliable and shorter range. Oh and my badge, which tells people who I am and why I am there.

The controller of the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine that we use. Have these in hand all day long.

Goniometer, use these to measure range of motion frequently as well. Pretty much every PT in the world has one close to hand.

My computer, and the mouse I hate, I would rather use a trackball, but haven't figured out how to get work to pay for one. Not just going to pay to buy my own.

And the one thing I use the most, hand sanitizer, going in, going out, if I sneeze, just because. Keeps my skin nice actually, I feel the difference on the days I don't use it.

So.... stuff I use every day. When I am old and grey, and can't remember anything, maybe this will bring me back a smile of remembrance. Just like the smell of Crayons, Construction Paper and Elmers Glue takes me back to 3rd grade.