I'm now selling my photos!!!

I now host galleries of my favorite photos @ www.lloydshell.zenfolio.com Feel free to surf over there to see photo's that may have drifted into the darkest reaches of the archives here on Blogspot.

I also have begun selling my photographs when requested, I can handle most sizes and finishes either locally or via my on-line printing service.

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trying out Timelapse....

I have always liked the ability to create or warp reality with photos, taking what you see and making the photo look like what you saw rather than how the camera captured it.

With timelapse you can warp time (Take THAT Einstein!) that is really cool. So far I am just futzing around with it, but I will get better, though I doubt this will replace my regular still photography pursuits.

So here are the three timelapse videos I have done so far.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Other People's Money

I had a chance to play with some money that DIDN'T belong to me, it was fun too, fake maniacal laughs, etc.... Then I grew up and decided to take some pictures of it, doubting that I will ever have the opportunity to have this much cash in these denominations in hand in the near future. So here we go, a bunch of Benjamins....

(As always click the photo for a larger image, and for those that care, I used my Sigma 17-70)