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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Eclectic Trip to Salt Lake City

Finally, finally, finally! Got a chance to do a little photography this weekend. In the midst of moving it is hard to find the time to decompress though that is when you need it the most. Realizing that, my lovely wife encouraged me to take a few hours Saturday to run away. THANKS BABE!

On to the photos: All shots were taken with my K 24mm f2.8 on my K200d in RAW. The first three shots are from the same area, an art installation next to the Capitol Theater that is a placeholder until something gets built. It is made from flexible fiberglass rods that have been cemented into the ground with gravel spread around them. I have always thought of them as "Fiberglass Grass" and enjoyed the whimsicality of the whole exercise. Intending them as abstracts, I tried to process each one completely differently as a mental exercise. Mental Floss if you will.

This first one is pushed beyond... well.... anything really. It was taken wide open at f2.8 and near to closest focus. The processing involved a high radius and high percentage unsharp mask. A little crazy but it made it more eyecatching.

The second is a much more simple composition, f4 if I remember correctly, I felt that monochrome would emphasize the shapes and curves which is the basis of this photo. I pulled all my colors to 0 except for Red and Magenta. Those I moved till I felt I had the right separation of background and object without getting the background too light.

The least amount of processing went into this one. Simple levels, brightness/contrast & hue/saturation layers and a smidge of USM.

This was almost directly behind the upper right hand corner of the above photo though you cannot see it. The purple was very bright and the statues seemed to be dancing on it. Simply ridiculous to look at. I had great difficulty pulling the statues out of the building but then decided to make it about the purple and see if anybody noticed...

These two cracked me up, dressed as Brigham Young and one of his wives, they were there to encourage the participants of some charity walk as they went past. Not one to pass up an opportunity to photograph whimsy of course I asked them to pose, and they were more than willing to do so.

I took this simply because I LOVE the building. It strongly reminds me of being in the United Kingdom. Plus the name was cool!

Thanks for looking!