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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ran Away for a Wet Friday Night Campout... and well a wet hike too.

I was extended a last minute invite to be an adult leader for a scout camp, due to the number of boys going, as always when camping is involved I said yes. Mainly because I knew I would be sleeping in my Honda Pilot that has proven to be a comfortable camping vehicle.

The predicted rains appeared and I stayed dry... until I started hiking! Here are a few of my favorites, some are less sharp than I usually am willing to place up for public inspection, but I figured "why not?" I liked the mood of the shots!

Handheld HDR just to bring the foreground up a smidge. 

Somewhat unusually for Utah there is lichen growing on the trees, I think due to the hot springs in the area producing a warmer and moister microclimate.

It did snow a bit at the higher elevations, nothing heavy but enough to provide some atmosphere!

The water is a slightly milky hue, that made me wish for no rain and my tripod to combine with my ND filter for a really LONG exposure.

The hot springs is quite lovely, and has an interesting waterfall that appears to have built up rock rather than washed it away, I wonder if there are bacteria and minerals that are combining to cause this....

Wild and crazy HDR's seemed to fit the mood of the place, I want to go back in the fall and at night, I bet some interesting shots can be had with the right mindset!

Yeah, I need to visit again!