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Monday, August 11, 2014

Almost A Lightning Show!

So... I love lightning, but it scares me to take pictures of. Metal post right next to me, just waiting to be blown up. Which means I really don't shoot pictures of lightning, at all, until last week. There was a storm coming over some mountains to the west and I thought I could get some shots off and then run for cover before I became a fried chicken. The storm fizzled a little, and most of the bolts were hidden in the clouds, but I still had lots of fun... oh, and I didn't die!

My basic set up was 30sec exposure f8 and ISO 400, some I went longer on towards the end when I put on my old Manual Focus 24mm. I find it easier to use the older MF primes, they have a fairly accurate infinity stop, zooms don't, and you have to guess, the scale doesn't always match up at different focal lengths.

With very little post processing beyond white balance correction, leveling and adding some clarity and contrast I did get some shots that I liked. Enjoy!