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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exposure and Focusing

I guess this shows you what I have time for and availability for in the few precious moments I have to take pics right now. I will be branching out I promise.

I am getting used to the "Kit" lens that I borrowed, I would love to have the Sigma I am lusting after, but hey I am glad to have what I have, and stupendously excited to have a D-SLR. I am learning how the camera focuses and how to control the depth of field. I have noticed a tendancy to underexpose shots, especially in murkier lighting. I will have to work on remembering to adjust the +/- EV for that.

Playing with exposures

I have a steep learning curve with this new camera, there are more things to adjust than what I had on my old Film SLR. I like it, and it affords me more control, but just learning what is what is daunting.

I wanted to see if I could get a reasonable exposure of the sky with backlit clouds, this was the best result, but still may be a tad underexposed. My choice with this type of lighting is either to expose for the blue sky and clip a lot of the highlights, or expose to get detail in the highlights/brights and have a dark junky sky.

Obligatory Flower Pic

It is almost a cliche in the photography world to run out and take pictures of flowers, I didn't intend to do that, I just hopped out of my truck by the lake on my way to work to try out the new camera the day after I got it, I think I did OK with these though after just a little massaging.

Friday, June 6, 2008

First shots

This is on a bridge over Oquirrh Lake by where I live, I really liked how much detail I was able to get in the sky/clouds. Very little Post Processing, just a brighten and play with curves to bring out a little more detail in the clouds.

Guess it is about time to start one of these things!!!!

Now that I have a digital SLR I have decided I need a place to post my pictures so I can share with others. (Just as long as I don't have to play nice!!!)

So look here in the future for pictures from yours truly as I try to figure out my newfangled camera and take some interesting images at the same time.