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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Elk Scratching his head

Stopped at a local Elk farm on my way home from work took this, thought it was just an interesting composition. It is also one of my first pics with my new/old Pentax 135mm f2.5 Lens

Beautiful Sunrise

Just happened to be walking out to my truck to get some tools to change the oil in the critter hauler and look at what God made for me to start my day:
Taken with Kit Zoom, Scene mode:Sunset/Rise and no post processing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father and Grandaughter

This is a picture of my Father and my Littlest on Fathers Day.

This was taken with my Pentax SMC 50mm F1.4, Shutter of 1/80sec. Unsure of the aperture. Sensitivity set to 100. Probably could have used a slight fill flash.

Brightened and contrast bumped a little, possibly too bright because my monitor tends to be a little dark at times. Tried to warm it a little but then my Dad looked too red.

I love the sharpness , wish the color would have been a little warmer, but we were in the shade.