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Monday, June 1, 2009

OK, this worked a little better, sorta...

This is a Panorama done with Microsoft ICE. I got it to put everything together in the right order, but with some funky distortions from side to side. Hmmmm will have to keep trying.

My First Panorama Shot(s)

If you scroll down you will see my previous post about my trip to the Utah State Capital, these are panoramas I shot there. The bottom one is incomplete because the the panorama software had issues with the matching parts of the image and did some really weird distortions trying to make the two ends the same. Just a pain, so the bottom one only goes to the far side of the rotunda.

Anyway, Enjoy! This is a 180+ degree shot looking from the north side of the rotunda, rotating from the East Hall to the West Hall.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Few Goofy Self Portraits

Not a self portrait shooter at all, not much of a portrait shooter really. Just don't enjoy it much. But I felt it was time to shoot a few "selfers" it came at a serendipitious time, there was a thread on DPReview on self portraits in the afternoon on Sat that I just happened to have images handy for. That was nice.

Anyway here I am in all my goofy glory.

This is at one of my favorite places by where I live. This is a manmade lake but I still love to go up there, it is peaceful and quiet and a place to think.

I can often be found in this position, thinking, or just trying to clear my mind. Don't tell me wife but I (on occasion) stop for a little while on my way home to take a breather before jumping into the chaos of kids and dinner and bedtime. Need to drink a little peace into my soul.

These next shots were taken in the Utah State Capital, see below for other interior shots. As I was getting ready to leave, after wandering the upper galleries, I noticed a shaft of light from one of the windows in the rotunda resting on the railing of the stairs. Being the goofball I am I couldn't resist laying on in for one shot.

These are all taken just to the right of that stair case. the light moved off the railing and onto the floor. I had a lot of fun with these.
Tough Guy pose. Yep, just a pose.....

Looking off into the ??????

I vill break you!!!

Uh Oh, the aliens are about to beam me up!