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Monday, January 19, 2015

Easy to get in a rut... Gotta break it!

I hate when I get busy with life and don't get to take pictures for fun. I shot a family of 10 right after thanksgiving which was a fun opportunity, but I don't get to share the photos here. So for the new year I plan to make more time for me. Somehow.....

Anyway, I haven't been completely deficient, as you saw in my last post I did go out around new year's and get a few shots. I find that a prime lens and free time allow the juices to flow nicely when I can grab a few moments.

These next two shots were quick grab shots in the mall while wife and kids were doing Build-A-Bear... which I can only stand for a certain length of time before my head explodes.

I liked the shapes of the decorations on the ceiling. Nothing fancy, just a quick and dirty shot wide open at f2.8 with my trusty 24mm.

The bears are kinda cute, but if you look at them for too long they start to get a "Chucky" expression on their faces. This is at closest focus and f2.8.

I find myself looking at common things in a totally new way with a camera in hand. I have punched this timeclock at my part time job for over 11 years. The wall is bare, painted hospital taupe, and suddenly quite stark when I make it black and white. Still pondering if this is rubbish or not, I took it today and I am still quite in love with the image. Will probably hate it in a week.

Due to it being President's Day the train was not crowded and I was able to lie down on a bench and rest my weary back. I stared up at this hand strap which I have seen and held many times. It looked completely different, and new, the light reflecting in the metal creating a pattern I had never noticed. I will never look at it the same again.

This image is a 4 shot panorama, I could have gone with 3, but I like to make sure I have enough data to work with, and you can never go back and re shoot something like this. I did a little to bring out the texture under the clouds and correct the WB. The old K200D tends to make these images too cold in camera. Nothing amazing, but I quite like the clouds.