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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wish I could afford to catch this Disease: LBA (Lauriann do NOT read)

OK, LBA may be a horrible disease, but I would love to be in a position that I could have it and not impact my life in any negative way. What is it you say?

LBA=Lens Buying Addiction.

Many photographers have it, they get started by thinking that a better lens will make them a better photographer. This really isn't true, horrible photographers will make horrible images even if they have $20,000+ of camera equipment (See Poseur). Conversely, great photograpers can make great photographs with quite un-remarkable gear. What kind of photographer am I? Well, I will let you decide that for yourself. Isn't that the true test of photography? To produce an image that not only means something to yourself but that others like too?

Back to the point of this post. I love the lenses I have (Thanks Dave Shields and Dave Wilkinson) but I have none that are autofocus, and sometimes it is just nicer to not have to fiddle, or impractical. Part of the reason I chose Pentax for my camera system is the availability of really good lenses. Both older manual focus types like I have, and I truly to like what I have, and older auto focus lenses as well as more modern lenses designed specifically for digital cameras. I find myself wishing for something that will autofocus for days when I am too lazy, and lenses with a wider range. Meaning wide angle and telephoto. I have been looking at times at what is out there and there are an amazing array of lenses to choose from. Here is what I am thinking of in terms of everything from a low budget kit to wowie-zowie I won the lottery! So here goes.

Bargain Basement Kit:

Pentax DA 18-55 AL II Zoom Lens. $105.98
Pentax DA 50-200 ED Zoom Lens. $179.99

These do come as a kit at times, the 18-55 would have been the "kit" lens had I bought it with my camera body for about $69 extra, which I didn't have at the time.

Better Kit:

Sigma 10-20 EX DC Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens. $469
Sigma 24-60 EX DG Wide Angle Zoom Lens. $199 (On Closeout, it is normally $400+)
Sigma 17-70 DC Wide Angle Zoom Lens. $355.28
Pentax DA 55-300 ED Telephoto Zoom Lens. $315.99

Best Kit:

Pentax DA 12-24 ED AL Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens. $649.44
Pentax DA* 16-50 ED AL IF SDM Wide Angle Zoom Lens. $ 656.51
Pentax DA* 50-135 ED IF SDM Telephoto Zoom Lens. $750.95

Ultimate Prime (Non-Zoom) Kit:

Pentax DA 21 Limited. $409.95
Pentax DA 35 Macro Limited. $599ish
Pentax DA 40 Limited. $259.33
Pentax DA 70 Limited. $444.95
Pentax DA*200. $875.46
Pentax DA*300. $1,088.00

OK, I KNOW I will likely never buy most (if not all) of the lenses on this post, but it is a fun exercise. There are some lenses on the horizon that may push their way on, eg. Tamron 10-24, and Pentax DA* 60-250, and a DA 15 Limited. But to be honest I could easily live with the 18-55 Mark II the 55-300, and the Sigma 10-20 along with the 3 lenses I have, if I HAD too. The Sigma 24-60 is an intriguing lens, it is a Film Pro lens being discontinued, it is f2.8 and can be had from Cameta Camera for the quoted $199. If my brother can get enough from selling an older zoom I have I may be able to get that kind of money. Wouldn't it be nice? Fast, Pro Quality, Screaming Deal, AUTO FOCUS. sigh.............................

Thanks for letting me get this out of my head!