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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just for grins!!!!!

I sometimes get a little tired of the quest for the next "Most awesome shot I have ever taken!" Sometimes it is fun to just shoot without getting too fussy about it. Day after the 4th of July was just such a day. Not stressing over getting to the launch site before anything happens, not ticking off my awesome wife and kids by focusing on photography, just mosey on down to Provo, chase a couple of balloons, and mosey on home. Liked a few of the shots, what is not to like about hot air balloons?

Abstracty but the pattern interests me. Less is more sometimes I guess.

Fun to see a balloon land in the middle of a residential area and people running around in their pyjamas watching.

Never knew Smokey was now a hot air balloon, hope he never gets set on fire!

Yes this last shot is overblown HDR. So what? Like I said I was having FUN!!!

Birding in the Evening

I'm not really much for wildlife photography though I have been attempting it a little more recently due to the proximity of a lake to my home. If I were to get truly serious about it I would start jonesing for a number of lenses that I cannot afford and subsequently drive my wife crazy. So... I dabble.

I found that exposure compensation was a big deal as I was shooting dark plumage and while trying to get enough light to have some shadow detail I had to make sure I didn't over expose the image and get something truly terrible looking.

I was especially pleased with this image, in the full resolution file, you can see he is looking RIGHT at me, perhaps wondering if I am a threat, or possibly if I taste good...

 I was not pleased with the color rendition in this photo, I think it is simply a characteristic of this particular lens. Really need to place this lens next to my DA 55-300 @ 300mm and see how well they compare.