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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Food!

Lovely wife got me a free Gelato coupon at a local shop, ain't she just AWESOME? Playing with my liveview I got a nice shot of the premises. Sent it to the owners on FB, they liked it too!

This looks like a fun date for this couple don't it?

Really like how they got the paddles in sync in this one!

Local Car Show, Pushing the Limits with my K 50mm f1.4

I love cars too. Not as much as a good sunset, but definitely love them old, old and well restored especially. I shot these with the intent of showcasing the shopping area of my master planned community maybe with the intent to sell them... to the community association if they were interested. No buying but they liked them.

f2.8 is where this lens starts to really shine. Really tempted to pick up the new Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 at some point, the rounded aperture blades will keep me from having the octagonal specular highlights in the background.

Grab Shots!

I seem to do better shooting when I plan to not plan. Meaning that I try to be prepared for an eventuality a but not plan for a certain specific outcome, simply shooting what presents itself when I have put myself in an advantageous place. May be a character defect but at least I know where my strengths lie.

This is a nothing shot, yet it evokes happy things for me. I love baking and these are the first cookies I learned to make. Chocolate Chip Applesauce cookies. I simply grabbed a shot of them as I was baking, and got something that will forever remind me of something good. What could be better?

Truly AMAZED at the shadow detail I pulled out from these shots. K5 be praised!