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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Hiking!!!

To many people just taking a leisurely hike into a new area isn't a big thing. To me it is, especially when I get to go with my brother! I do so enjoy the chance to hike without a deadline or huge hill I HAVE to surmount to feel like I did something. I stopped, I took pictures, I listened to the woodpeckers give themselves concussions. Fabulous!

I'm going to let my photos do the talking this post, with just a few comments.

This is my older body a Pentax K200d, with my SMC 24mm f2.8, all the other photos in this post were taken with this body/lens combo. It is a killer pairing, more than sharp enough and compact. Love, LOVE, LOVE!

This area was absolutely beautiful, the trail less traveled, lonely. Just what I like.

If you care these are sprouting pine trees... I think... or possibly evidence of extraterrestrial life. You choose.

Lunch, an omelet with everything, scrumptious. Nice restored diner, atmospheric. Sigh... a great day!