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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Early Shooting With a New Lens: Introducing the Pentax HD DA 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 DC WR

Through the generosity of my father I was able to replace my trusty but dusty and worn Sigma 17-70 with the new Pentax 16-85. I will not be providing a full report on the lens yet, it is still FAR too new for me to provide a reasonably accurate or thorough opinion of the lens. Suffice it to say that in just a week or so of use... I think I am going to REALLY REALLY like it.

My first real test of this lens, late evening, no tripod, a local event at the lake, floating lights to help benefit the Make A Wish foundation. However that helps, I think they charged per light or something. Anyway, somewhat challenging lighting, needing to push ISO, shoot with wider apertures, needing steady hands. I had quite a few shots I messed up with poor shutter technique, was having a little trouble relaxing. I think the color rendition is a little warmer than the Sigma and many of my other lenses. There is a richness to the color that I like.

The focusing seems to be quite fast and is super quiet! This is a bit of a problem as I am used to hearing the sound of the screwdrive stopping when the lens has found focus.

This  shot gives you an idea of the bokeh, the rounded aperture really seems to make the out of focus areas nicely smooth.

A little HDR to pull in some drama.

Couldn't decide between the two. They say that the difference between amateurs and pros is the size of the trashbin... guess I am still an amateur.

This was a tough shot, handheld, leaning against a sign f5.6 1/3s at 16mm.

Left for some fireworks that started at 10:00, grabbed this of the ferris wheel on a tripod now.

Amazingly I was able to lock focus on an active firework and got a lot of shots I liked. I mashed up the ones I liked the most into three. They make nice desktop wallpapers.

So, so far so good with the new lens, will keep shooting and try to form a more complete opinion in the next few weeks.