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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm NOT ready, but Fall is here anyway!

This last week has seen an explosion of color here in the Salt Lake Valley. I HAD to get up and see what was out there yesterday morning. Fortunately I live close to several canyons and I was able to get into the color altitude quite easily. I was there before dawn (all part of my nefarious plan) to try to set up before the sun was up. I found a spot I liked, hopefully you will like it too.

Now, a caveat here, I am not a huge fan of overdone HDR, this borders on overdone, but it was the only way to get any foreground details at all. I am not really all that convinced that it is a shot to be proud of, but I am liking it a bit.

8 shots in 1 stop increments, tripod of course, @17mm.

Another HDR, but less of a push to get the details. This I like!

Everything is rusting except the dead tree and the evergreens. Due to the warmness of the early morning light, I had to cool this down a bit so that the greens looked like they should.

This little stand of Quakies was my favorite. Just turning and standing up for themselves.

My friendly dead tree, not sure why but I liked him enough to shoot again.

Further down the canyon, I found time to tramp around a secret part of the little stream that runs through it. Glad I have Gore-Tex waterproof boots, and that I take the time to look in the hidden places.

This little spot captivated me for quite awhile, I LOVED that God put some delicate little water droplets on a leaf in the midst of rushing water just for me. He knows I really like that kind of stuff.

Multiple shots follow.

Cropped and converted to B&W.

The original.

Trying to get closer, I slipped and splashed water over the leaf... sad.... sad... but there was still beauty to behold.

Happy Fall!