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Friday, November 14, 2008

What do Photographers do when they can't go outside?

Correct! They take pictures of themselves.

I have been wanting to play with the flash from my old Canon Film Camera (Sunpak Auto30) and try to do some self portraiture. I have been fascinated, in the long distant past and recent past, with pictures with strong shadows and contrasts. I am less interested in making Flattering shots than with showing the character of the face and the inner melancholy we face. Or it could just be Seasonal Affective Disorder... whichever you want to choose.

Anyway, here are my starter shots and my processed attempts. All were taken with my 28mm Pentax lens set to f8, and the flash set to minimum for 200iso, covered with a kleenex to soften and hand held, for lack of a more sophisticated set up. I triggered the camera with the remote on bulb setting and released after triggering the flash.