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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miscellania from the last few weeks.

Haven't taken many photos intended for general consumption recently, mostly family stuff and Halloween shots. Anyway, Here are some semi notable shots from the recent past.

Olympic Bridge at the University of Utah, K24mm f2.8, I really liked a shot I took of this with my dad's film Voigtlander, and I wanted to try digital and see the look I would get. I think I like the second one better but both are kinda nice.

I have been riding the light rail train a lot, and riding it at night, this is less than perfectly conducive to creative photography but I have tried to give it a whirl. Twisting the camera can be fun.

So can a swirly panning motion.

Last Sunday I got out the Sigma 300mm f4 and rattled off a few shots of the cool clouds to the east of my home. Love my view sometimes.

Mt. Timpanogos 2 shot panorama.

Will post anything decent I get in the near future for all y'alls entertainment!