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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Golf Tournament

Had a Church Golf Tournament today, 4 man scramble, one guy couldn't make it, so one of us got to hit an extra shot each time. One shot shows how close my two drives ended up on one hole, 3-4 feet apart, I was pretty impressed. I actually had a decent day off the tee for once, not with approach shots, but decent off the tee. My playing partners were Chris Merrill and Evan Christensen, Brandon Elggren couldn't make it.
We played 8 over, not the best showing, but we had fun! I did have closest to the hole on one hole, don't know if it held up through the rest of the groups behind us.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Self Portrait Time

Always wondered what I really looked like, the resolution of this new camera with the lenses I have kinda scares me. It is clearer than looking into the mirror in a lot of ways. I used my 50mm f1.4 for this, with the crop factor for the APS-C sensor it is effectively a 75mm perspective in regular film format, which happens to be a great portrait length. I was amazed at the depth of field, my nose is in focus and my eyes, but my ears are already getting fuzzy. LOVE the sharpness.