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Monday, May 10, 2010

4 From This Evening DA 55-300

While driving home from dinner we went past our local lake, where I saw these guys, haven't seen them before so I ran home grabbed my camera and went back up. They were a little skittish but I managed to get this shot before they flew away. Guess I need to be a little more sneaky an creep up on them.

We were also having some incredible weather/skies so I had to stop and admire the view for a moment. (Two shot pano that I did not intend to be a pano when I shot it.

As I was walking back to the van I noticed the sun about to hit these tulips in the park strip, I got wet and dirty but it was worth it!

Sunday Morning Baking

As an inveterate photographer there are few things I am involved in that I don't also think about taking pictures during that activity. Such was the case Yesterday, my lovely Wife wanted Cinnamon Rolls home baked, she got them and this is what they looked like:


The second sheet, kind of a "high key" look, deliberately overexposed.

More traditional exposure, deciding whether to crop the top edge or not.....

It is tough to photograph while baking this thus not a lot of creative shots worthy of posting.