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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This guy/gal was hanging around our back porch last weekend. Ugly little bugger ain't 'e?

M 50mm f4 Macro, with reflected and diffused flash.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thistles.... nothing fancy or spectacular....

They were WAY too prickly to get too close to.

Both with the K 28mm f3.5


I love the varied texture of downtown, old and new next door, funky architecture. Energy everywhere. Anyway, because I love those things about it, I like to photograph it. So I take my camera when I can. This time with my K 28mm f3.5 lens, it is a very sharp old manual focus lens, that I find just a bit too short focal length wise. Still doesn't mean I don't like it though!

The New Library. I loved the curve of the building against the pattern of the clouds.

Can't put my finger on it but something with the pattern of the light on the sidewalk and the texture of the building drew me in.

This drainpipe drew me down the alley and off the street, to a little corner of color that I never knew existed.


Old Three Eye....

In color at the request of Al.

Tangle me Elmo.


Last look.

I really enjoyed shooting this lens again, it is a bit of a tweener for me, but it can be a useful focal length, it is the equivalent of 43mm on Film. The actual "Normal" for that format.

Night Magic

After a recent date to a Mary Kay activity that my wife invited me to, being a spouse of a Mary Kay consultant does have some privileges beyond good facial care, we decided to drop by the lake near our home to take advantage of the full moon. I have always loved playing with my camera to reveal things that the eye cannot see. This was a night for that.


Double Bridge

Back Light.

The Dock. This was my favorite, the strong lines of the dock jutting out, providing a counterpoint to the smooth water and the moon.