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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shots on campus......

I am frequently on campus at the University of Utah, but I seldom take the opportunity to wander the lower parts of the campus below the Hospital. Wishing for better light I jumped off the train and set out. Not getting blessed with said light I still felt the need to flex my photographic muscles and creativity in preparation for some Christmas light shooting on Wednesday Night.

My first memory of this building is of a stormy October night, and a flash of lightning making the door look like the open mouth of some kind of academic monster. Wasn't able to frame it that way with the lens I had but I still like the shot.

These columns have always fascinated me... who in their right mind carves sandstone?

Turning my eye to the center of the circle, this chappie walking alone and cold in the encroaching December gloom seemed to epitomize the day.

Just off campus and down the road above is "The Pie" a great place for great food if you are on campus, or just in the neighborhood.

Couldn't help but take this "American Standard" shot, wonder who is renovating this corner shop, and for what kind of business.........

Thanks for going on my tour, will take you back again someday.... I promise!