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Sunday, December 27, 2015

In Camera Processing from RAW

For some reason I used to find my 28mm lens restrictive in field of view, don't know why. So I haven't used it that much. Deciding to rectify that situation I carried it for a few days on my commute. The sunrise was not much, no clouds, but the light on the partially frozen lake was kind of nice.

After making it onto the train, I decided to try and process a couple of the shots "In-Camera". I don't know if all brands allow you to take a RAW file and process it using just the camera controls but my Pentax does. After doing that I then came home and took the original files and did my usual processing on them. They are paired up here below. The first one is my version, and the second is straight from the file processed in the camera. I think I do a little better job at home with Photoshop.

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