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Friday, August 23, 2013

Portland Oregon Temple

I love to take photos of our temples. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (A.K.A Mormon Church) Temples are sacred space that is Gods House on the earth. I love the external beauty and the grounds. I just love them, and taking pictures of them makes me love them all the more. When we were on a recent trip to Oregon I made a point of spending time at the temple to improve my portfolio and capture the beauty of the Portland Oregon Temple. You will have to excuse the number of photos I took and posted here, I simply can't thin them down.

Sepia Tone seems to be "all that" popularity wise, but eh.... Not my fave.

Course the sky is boring without something... sigh...

Perspective correction is tough with these buildings due to the height of them, This was a toughie, and I am not yet satisfied.

This one I think, achieved a nice balance of correcting the vertical perspective distortion without making it look unnatural.

Shooting into the late late afternoon sun made this especially difficult, HDR and careful processing served this shot well.

Again, vertical perspective correction is a bugger, the first below is pleasingly corrected to my eye, though I could do more, the second is uncorrected.

This is just a crazy fisheye, which I honestly like the best.....

Same lens, vertical orientation and non HDR.

I have been turning to stitched panoramas recently to give me greater resolution for larger print capability, as well as simply getting shots I cannot get any other way. Which gets more complicated when it is also necessary to shoot bracketed shots for HDR. I think that both of these turned out nicely, the biggest problem is printing them as they are definitely a non-standard size.

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