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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Trip Day 1: Get outta here!!!!

Oh, the sweet savor of the start of a trip, nothing has yet gone wrong, and everything is beautiful and fresh! Or is that just because I was in Southern Utah? OK, so the next several posts are about a big family trip we took to Texas. Why am I posting these shots on my photo blog? Because I try to take some decent shots wherever I go, and besides I need somewhere to share them!!!

I was not on my usual photography first type of trip, but I tried to find a few things fun to shoot without taking too much time out of the drive. Salt Lake County to Albuquerque, NM is a LONG DAY! And despite a reasonably early start I really hated to delay much on the way.

I had to stop for this massive arch right by the side of the road heading south between Moab and Monticello. Perfectly Eye shaped it was a must stop!

The Monticello Temple was a fun stop, I have not been through Monticello since it has been built, and seeing that I am an semi famous Temple Photographer I just had to stop to scope it out. I don't know that I will be back to try for a really nice portfolio of shots, this is not the most photogenic temple around. could be a fun challenge though.

We also stopped at The Four Corners Monument, the place where 4 states meet. I will not include any shots from there, the price charged and the commercialization of the spot by the tribe that owns the land totally turned me off. NO cool shots were to be had. Done.

However the landscape was starkly beautiful, and I enjoyed driving through it.

Shiprock is a truly unusual formation that to me looks like a submarine sticking up out of the desert. I think that I would like to go back and really try to get some good shots. I missed some opportunities due to the need for speed!

I truly love this shot, LOVE! The clouds blessed me.

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