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Friday, August 23, 2013

Photographing no matter what is going on!!!!

I usually have more than my share of good luck, but occasionally it runs cold. It did the week after the 4th of July. Safe driving all the way to Oregon and back. Then driving through the mountains early in the morning to tow a trailer home from Scout Camp... Boom! Suicidal deer in the grill. Sigh... Anyway, after driving a short distance to where I knew I would have cell service, having a highway patrol car come by before I even called (Blessing there, beyond coincidence) having my insurance company be on the ball when I called and getting everything to work out just fine including getting someone else on the road to tow the trailer, all before 6:30 am. (Maybe my luck wasn't that bad... see what I mean?)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I'm a photographer, so, while waiting for the tow truck, the sun is coming up, the light is perfect, grab that camera and go!!! Fruits of my labor? Here you go, all taken from the view area looking NW from Bald Mountain Pass in the Uinta National Forest.

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