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Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Trip Day 6: The Dallas Zoo

I did something new this day. NO! Not go to the Zoo silly, I TOOK pictures at the Zoo with a decent camera and lens combo. Pentax K5 and DA 55-300. Consumer zoom? So what? Results count, see for yourself.

This guy I think had a bit of attitude, kind of a DeNiro "Hey! You looking at me?" vibe.

These monkeys were shy and hiding in the shade, cute little guys though!

I shot a LOT through thick glass, which caused some white balance problems that needed some serious fiddling with the RAW files, but I think I got it down pretty nicely, eventually.

I had never been in the presence of real live flamingos before, yes really! They were really pink, and awkward as heck too!

This friendly fellow followed us around the bird enclosure, lovely bird.

This shot just knocked my socks off, pumped up ISO, not stopped down much, maybe the head moved just a little bit, but the detail in the feathers is awesome. Couldn't be happier with it

Ugly but comfortable out of the sun. Why God made these boys so ugly I don't know, but there must be a purpose somewhere!

I LOVE giraffes, they are just so cool and.. well.. tall. The Dallas Zoo has an elevated platform around the enclosure so are just above eye level and can reach out and pet their heads. SO AWESOME!!!

HAD to get a Koala picture for my wife, have to admit they were cute little guys.

The Croc/Alligator family just has a stare that gives me shivers, this old boy was just staring right at me, probably pondering what I tasted like!

This may have been taken with my Sigma 17-70, I can't remember, LOVED the color though. My kids were dying for rubber snakes this color when we were done.

Beautiful fun, but SWEATY, just as an aside, NEVER go to Texas in the summer, NEVER! At least I now know why the invented "The Siesta" and A/C.

The end.

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