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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Trip Day 3: The Mall?

Well, it is Dallas and the summer, what else did you expect me to do with women in a town with so many malls? Yeah, I thought so! We used to live very close to this mall, called "The Galleria" in north Dallas. It is a pretty cool mall made better by Air Conditioning, how anybody lived in the south before that invention I have NO IDEA! Too hot and humid!

Honestly my strongest memory of this mall involves the glass ceiling. I always thought it was pretty cool.

Being a dad of three girls, we HAD to go to the American Girl Doll store. No way not to really.

Not going to show my travel snaps of my kids in the store. A) because I don't really post pics of them here, and B) because there is no photographic value to them beyond memories to me. Are they well exposed and in focus, yeah, I do have a reputation to maintain!

A side note, you will see many pictures of the Dallas Temple in subsequent posts, Temples are special places for Mormons, and a lot of my lens money comes from selling temple photos. So, of course I made several trips at different times of the day to get different looks.

These shots are basically the same except one is HDR and one is not. I like the sky in the non HDR shot better, but the shadow detail is much better in the HDR shot.

The late afternoon light was not the most flattering, but you shoot with what you got.

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