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Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Trip Day 5: Texas State Fair Park

 What to do with twin teenage girls and a 7 year old girl while their mom is at a Mary Kay convention? Ya got me, I took them where it was at least semi cheap. But unfortunately not well air conditioned. The Texas State Fair Park, in limited form before the actual state fair. The highlight was the aquarium, Shooting through glass and water was a pain. I got a couple of fun shots though, here are the rest...

I swear this guy was dead, not sure he moved once, and there was stuff GROWING on him!

Albino Alligator, who woulda thunk?

I could just hear the surfer dude tones of the turtles from "Finding Nemo" while watching these bad boys. Amazing how big they were!

Iguana be in pictures... Iguana be a star! Yeah, that really goes through my head when I see Iguanas.

There was lightning in the area so they would not run the Ferris Wheel, sadly, I really wanted to go and so did my youngest. Someday.

After a long day we went uptown to see my wife at her hotel and drive around. I took my opportunity to try some night shots of the Temple in Dallas. This was hard as I didn't have space for my tripod and had to pump the ISO up and brace my camera on the fence. Got some decent shots though, even sold one already!

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