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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Trip Day 4: Just the Temple

Sunday, is always a special day, as a fairly religious dude I go to church even when I am on Vacation. On this trip I went twice. My wife had events for most of the day so I got up early, drove in to downtown Dallas and took her to an early sacrament meeting, then drove back to my sister and brother in-laws in Waxahachie and went to church with them and my kids. Lot of church time, but that is not a bad thing!

This shot was taken on the way to the freeway, I forgot how flat it was down there, makes it harder to shoot a sunrise without mountains to frame the shot.

Between dropping off my wife downtown and heading back south I headed to the Dallas Temple again to see what I could get in completely different light from Saturday. I was hoping for a sky with texture to give some oomph to the shots, I was NOT disappointed.

Both of these are panoramas with slightly different projection settings used in the software, both I love!

Liked everything I got from this day, the skies really made it!

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