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Monday, August 11, 2014

Almost A Lightning Show!

So... I love lightning, but it scares me to take pictures of. Metal post right next to me, just waiting to be blown up. Which means I really don't shoot pictures of lightning, at all, until last week. There was a storm coming over some mountains to the west and I thought I could get some shots off and then run for cover before I became a fried chicken. The storm fizzled a little, and most of the bolts were hidden in the clouds, but I still had lots of fun... oh, and I didn't die!

My basic set up was 30sec exposure f8 and ISO 400, some I went longer on towards the end when I put on my old Manual Focus 24mm. I find it easier to use the older MF primes, they have a fairly accurate infinity stop, zooms don't, and you have to guess, the scale doesn't always match up at different focal lengths.

With very little post processing beyond white balance correction, leveling and adding some clarity and contrast I did get some shots that I liked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I am a detail guy. Not that I am organized, I'm really not, but that the small details of a scene are what I remember. Doorknobs, the shadow of a chair that makes an interesting pattern that is what keys me back. I also like clouds but it is hard to get detail shots because... well... they are BIG, a LONG way away, and if you zoom in too far you lose too much and the photo doesn't make sense. I am trying to figure out the best way to shoot what I see in them. These shots are getting closer to that. A word of warning, I have played with the contrast, white balance, histogram (Exposure) and a few other things to give these photos a LOT of drama that was only potential when I took the shots.

Is this how you see clouds?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Productive Evening!

Light is different at night, longer exposures lead to changes in colors and shadow. The world is different. These were all taken within a mile of my home. Sigh... I love my lake!!!

Take a hike!!!

I like to hike, I love the mountains, I love everything about it. Except sweating, I really don't like to sweat...

Took a hike with my brother and carried my usual one lens/camera kit my SMC 24mm f2.8 & Pentax K200D body. Generally harmonious as a combination and small, perfect for hiking. Think I need to start carrying a macro lens too.

Water drops on leaves are a favorite of mine. Here is where the macro would have come in handy...

The sun peeking through the trees was breathtaking, and I spent quite a bit of time playing. Stopping down to f11 gives me a nice starburst effect without the overdone effect that lenses with a LOT of blades give. 5 blades works for me.

I may have processed this too warm in tone for what was there, but I like it!!!

Maybe I overdid the starburst a little but a new toy is a new toy, you need to master it!!!

This is a pile of old mine diggings that is one of many. Amazing what those tough dudes did in the middle of nowhere in the late 1700's!

Beautiful area to hike in, have really grown to love the Smith&Moorehouse area.

Bees Posing and NO MACRO LENS in sight.... Whatcha Gonna Do???

Quiet Sunday afternoon, just arrived at my parents home for a visit, noticed some bees on the daisies and followed my first instinct: Take a picture you fool!

Alas, the only lens I took with me was my DA* 55mm f1.4 a fabulously sharp lens, but one that doesn't focus quite as close as I would like it to... Making do I shot anyway, liked what I got!

This is my current wallpaper, the original file is 1920x1080 and is a 100% crop and looks FABULOUS!!!!! You can download it here.

Have to say that this lens has been a great performer for me!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just for grins!!!!!

I sometimes get a little tired of the quest for the next "Most awesome shot I have ever taken!" Sometimes it is fun to just shoot without getting too fussy about it. Day after the 4th of July was just such a day. Not stressing over getting to the launch site before anything happens, not ticking off my awesome wife and kids by focusing on photography, just mosey on down to Provo, chase a couple of balloons, and mosey on home. Liked a few of the shots, what is not to like about hot air balloons?

Abstracty but the pattern interests me. Less is more sometimes I guess.

Fun to see a balloon land in the middle of a residential area and people running around in their pyjamas watching.

Never knew Smokey was now a hot air balloon, hope he never gets set on fire!

Yes this last shot is overblown HDR. So what? Like I said I was having FUN!!!

Birding in the Evening

I'm not really much for wildlife photography though I have been attempting it a little more recently due to the proximity of a lake to my home. If I were to get truly serious about it I would start jonesing for a number of lenses that I cannot afford and subsequently drive my wife crazy. So... I dabble.

I found that exposure compensation was a big deal as I was shooting dark plumage and while trying to get enough light to have some shadow detail I had to make sure I didn't over expose the image and get something truly terrible looking.

I was especially pleased with this image, in the full resolution file, you can see he is looking RIGHT at me, perhaps wondering if I am a threat, or possibly if I taste good...

 I was not pleased with the color rendition in this photo, I think it is simply a characteristic of this particular lens. Really need to place this lens next to my DA 55-300 @ 300mm and see how well they compare.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Few Recent Temple Photos

Whenever I think I have gotten as many photos as I need of the temple, I find I need more. Why? Because I do. Just because. These first three are HDR and maybe a trifle over the top. Doesn't matter to me, I like them. Neiner neiner!

In this series I was trying to duplicate a prior success and in part I did, I have wanted to toy with backlighting on the temple for a long time. Looking for drama I suppose. It definitely challenges a lens to shoot directly into the sun though.

Panoramas R Me....

Just another quick panorama from the Light Rail Station.... Love me some sunrise!

HDR of the same thing but a single frame. Mmmmmm good!