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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pentax SMC 135mm f2.5 an Oldie but a Goodie!

As you all know I love my old lenses, this lens was given to me by my Father In Law when I first got my K200d. I have loved it, a lot. You have to be careful with Chromatic Aberration in some situations but the bokeh is fabulous and it is really sharp when you nail the focus. Which is hard, as the Depth of Field at f2.5 is quite thin. If you ever get the chance to buy one, get it and never let it go. I would recommend a hood though, it does not deal with light on that big front element very well.

This is quite cropped, shot at f5.6, detail is better than my DA 55-300 at the same focal length.

Again cropped, and again really sharp!

Antelope playing by the TRAX station, was kinda wishing I had the 200mm f2.5 right at this point...

Wide open focusing on the first strap, I may have missed slightly to the rear, but it is still acceptable to me.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Can't Help Myself.....

You give me a day with pretty clouds, I will want to take pictures of the Temple.

Spring Glorious Spring!!!!!

Ahhhh..... Now I feel better. Despite my earlier post on the obligatory nature of photographing flowers I really do enjoy them as subjects. They will sit there with a dumb look on their face until you are done. Don't have to ask them to smile or get their attention by jumping up and down. They were blowing around a little bit which made a bit of a challenge but I persevered and got a few I liked. I was on a photo expedition with one of my daughters, she was using my DA 35mm f2.4 and I wanted to match the focal length. Just had a thought... would she be "Some Gal With a Camera"? Hmmmmm.... will have to ask her

On a technical note, these were taken wide open at f3.5 using my K5 and a Pentax SMC 35mm f3.5, what I call my "Poor Man's Limited". Pentax makes a fabulous line of small (tiny really) lenses that they label as "Limited" they are pricey but worth it. Seeing as I cannot afford them, this old manual focus lens that is quite small works just fine in their place as far as I am concerned. I think the bokeh is even pretty nice for a lens that is only f3.5 at it's widest end.

This is the spire of the Jordan River Temple, these flowers were on the grounds of the temple and I could not go there without taking at least a couple shots of the temple too. This was taken at f11 or 16 trying to get ultimate depth of field.

These last few shots were taken because I liked what the background looked like as much as the in focus stuff. By the way, the out of focus areas of a photo are the areas where a photographer is concerned with bokeh. Bokeh refers to the quality or pleasing character of said blur. It can be used effectively with "Fast" lenses, such as lenses that have a maximum aperture of f1.4 or even f1.2. Slower lenses can also have that ability to isolate a subject and blur the back and foreground but you typically have to resort to getting REALLY close to the subject.

In this shot I deliberately put the only in focus things on the very bottom and stopped down to f5.6... I think... allowing the color of the flowers to drift off into a pastel sea that has form but not sharpness. I really REALLY liked how it ended up looking, especially when you can see it on a full screen.

The backlit petals drew me in to these, I don't know that the composition is the best but it makes a pleasing wallpaper on my computer monitor.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Of Eggs, Ducks & Geese

So... Easter came and went in Some Dude's house, where the annual staining of the counter, and walk around the lake events occurred. (Actually the granite is fine and the lake was actually perfectly pleasant, usually it rains like crazy on Easter weekend so I was totally fine with it.)

Shooting indoors without direct light I felt that my fastest lens, DA* 55mm f1.4, was the appropriate lens, shooting at f1.4-2.2 mostly I did alright shooting the egg dyeing. I really do love the bokeh and rendering at those large apertures, but the thin Depth of Field is hard to work with, the natural postural sway in your body can totally move your focus point completely off and tripods are a bit of a pain in the kitchen. Got a few shots though.

Out on the lake with my DA 55-300 the Ducks and Geese were happy to pose, I think my hands are getting less steady as I get older, I didn't quite get the results I normally get with that lens, but then again... I'm picky too.

I pushed my K5 to the limits of shadow recovery with this shot, pretty happy with it though!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some Dude, at Some Lake on Some Spring Morning...

I think the title says it all? The lake is by my house, I was walking to the Light Rail Station and it was a BEAUTIFUL morning. As a side note, I still think of the Pentax SMC 35mm f3.5 lens as the poor mans Limited. I got it for a song and will NEVER sell it. It is not perfect, but it is small and has a unique rendering. Oh... and it is sharp as heck!

3 of these 4 shots are HDR, but hopefully not garishly overdone.

This could be considered a self portrait.. I guess...

Sure glad it wasn't a busy morning, standing in the middle of the road can be chancy at best!

Obligatory Spring Flower Photographs.....

Due to the popularity of flowers and their regular appearance each spring, they are a staple photographers when they are getting back out from hibernation and figuring out where the shutter button is again. Here is my obligatory post of mine from last week. DFA 100mm f2.8 for the first series, and the SMC "K" 24mm f2.8 for the last two.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taking Time The Only Way He Knows...

In case you are wondering, the title of this blog post comes from a Jethro Tull Song I was listening to the other day. I felt at the time it was speaking about me in a way, taking the time to relax in the only way I know. Taking pictures. 

I was host of a continuing education course last weekend, where we had time to take our lunches on our own. I chose to take mine with camera in hand while walking around Memory Grove and downtown Salt Lake. Both days I took my Pentax K5, day one with my DA 55-300 and the second day with my Sigma 17-70. The days were warm and dry, and perfect to walk off the stiffness of sitting for several hours at a time.

I have an affinity for this building, the Utah State Capitol, you get a different view of it from across the ravine to the east. (DA 55-300 @ 300mm)

This was zoomed wide to 55mm. I love the detail of old school craftsmanship.

I had never seen this spot before, looking over the ravine that contains memory grove. I really want to shoot this as a sunset shot someday.

The trees are blooming early due to the dry and warm winter, I hope they all survive. This is the type of shot that the Sigma 17-70 excels at.

This was my wallpaper for several days. At full resolution it is spectacular.

Dogwood blossom in the Avenues area of SLC. Didn't know they grew here...

This is the same monument as in the second shot. Just shot at 17mm and from a totally different angle. Like them both.

Snowshoeing? Yep. Taking Pictures while snowshoeing? Of Course!!

Have been dying to get out and do something fun. So I took a day off of work and ran away with my brother to play. Even though the snow was not what you would call fresh, it was still nice to get out! This was as far as we dared take his truck.

Most of what we were on was snowmobile track, but due to the warm conditions, without snowshoes we were slipping and sliding and breaking through. So it was good to have them.

Here is the old guy, I can call him that because he is and always will be older than me!

Since this is a photo blog, I wanted to show you the value of a technique I use a lot, HDR. Now this first shot of the trail is an OK shot, just balancing the sky and shadows was hard and the blue in the skies really did not come out like it should have.

This was a handheld HDR shot, that gives a better idea of what the sky looked like without totally wigging out the foreground.

Sadly Some Dude has slightly dodgy hips and the motion of walking with my legs further apart than usual and with the snowshoes weight combined to make me do this a lot. Sit and rest. Sigh.....