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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 4 Bryce Canyon National Park

This HAS to be the funniest looking motorhome I have ever seen. Looks like it could take a armour piercing anti-tank round without a scratch.

It is a strange thing to get the kind of day you have been hoping for, ad then curse how bright and harsh the light is. We photographers are a fickle bunch!

In light of the glare I put my polarizing filter on my Sigma 10-20 and carried only that for this hike. Think I could have done without the polarizer, my skies look a little funny, and the already oversaturated colors of the rocks really got kicked up a notch by using it. Live and learn!

Thors Hammer

They must use this mini dozer to keep the rocks off the trails and fix the washouts etc... never seen one parked by the side of the trail though. Wonder what was wrong with it.

There are time that an Ultra Wide Angle lens is the only one to have, this was one of them. sometimes you cannot back up any further.

I really liked this dead piece of tree. Bet it has been photographed a zillion times!

This eroded playland of spires and fins is awesome and tough to do justice to. Really need to bring my kids down here one day!

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