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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 3 Panorama Trail Kodachrome Basin State Park

Honestly, I enjoyed this hike as much as any I have taken in the recent past, not too strenuous, but looking hard enough that it keeps the riff raff away.

One of the first diversions from the trail is the "Old Indian Cave" Not knowing if the Indian was old, or if it just meant that the cave had been in use for a long time but not in recent memory we decided to check it out. Upon arriving there, we noticed these strange indentations in the walls next to the cave. It looks like the indian had a lot of time on his hands. Or else he had issues, but either way he rubbed these deep grooves into the solid rock over time. Strange dude...

Sandstone is really just sand dunes that got buried by the ocean and as water percolated through it left behind minerals that stuck the sand together. This is obvious in many places in the area, but this spot looked strangely like blown sand duned up. (Kerry is the dude with his back to the camera. He was too engrossed in his GPS to turn around!)

This was really the only place I saw these cone shaped formations.

Phil wanted me to take his picture for the sake of our posterity. Not sure if it was meant as a warning...

There is always the opportunity to spend some time imagining that the rocks you see resemble other objects or animals. Never figured out this one, but I did think it was quite impressive!

There is a dry waterfall that runs into a narrow area, it is called cool canyon, it was fun to hike in and imagine what it would look like in a heavy thunderstorm with a lot of water coming through... Scary the more you thought about it though.

I thought this guy looked like a brontosaur... sorta...

I wanted to name this the Banana Geyser, but didn't know who to tell about it.

I have become fascinated but startrail/long exposure photography, thwarted on other nights due to clouds and rain, I was VERY happy to be able to get these shots. This first one is facing almost due south, due to the curvature of the earth, the southern Pinwheel is not readily viewable from my latitude.

This is facing almost due north, the cliff faces were illuminated but multiple flashes from my shoemount flash fired manually, and a little by my headlamp, you can see my trail as I walked around.

This was really taken on the morning of Day 4, but I just didn't want to do an extra entry for just two photos.

I think this shot is pretty funny. Most people without my twisted sense of humor are less amused.

Dawn is beautiful in the desert, it is one of the few times that you can really say that the light is soft in any way.

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