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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Flowers From Mom and Dad's Garden

My mother has spent a lot of time in her life collecting and growing many different colors of Iris. After/during a recent family party I spent a few minutes in her garden capturing a few of them. Hope to get some more at other times, she has so many to shoot!


Frank said...

Nice flower series. The 2nd from the last is my favorite. I like the composition. IMO it could maybe benefit from a bit more contrast - just a thought.


Karen said...

Beautifully photographed Lloyd!

Lloyd said...

Frank and Karen,

Thanks for the compliments and I will maybe try a shade more contrast and see if I like it on the second from last.

I can't wait until I have enough money saved to get the new Pentax 100mm WR (Water Resistant) macro lens. 1:1 macro excites me right now!