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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2 PM Trail of the Sleeping Rainbow, Escalante State Park

It is considered a given that once someone purchases a DSLR (Digital Single Len Reflex Camera) they will begin to buy more lenses for it. Really... you bought it because you CAN change lenses so that you have the best lens for the job, why would you then buy just ONE lens and keep it on all the time? Where is the fun in that? I immediately thought about that when I saw this sign telling people to not collect the petrified wood. Kerry had a little trouble with this but eventually he was persuaded to touch but not take... ;-)

The colors of the petrified was amazing! Especially once it started to drizzle a little, the water makes the colors so much more brilliant! We had a ball hiking around and discovering the area.

The bark is still easily discernable on many pieces and it is beautiful beyond words.

We saw a whole bunch of deer (11-12) on our way in and out. They were pretty scruffy with their winter fur still in, but it was fun to stalk them on the way out. I had to push the ISO up because the light was failing and the shots are not so sharp due to slow shutter speeds, but who cares, we got closer to deer than I have been in a LONG time!

After our little hike, we made the decision to push on to Canonville and check the KOA Campground there to see if we could spend the night. Kodachrome Basin State Park, our destination for the next night was full... sigh....

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