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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2 PM Traveling and Diasppointment

I always find myself wondering if I would have survived as a pioneer/explorer in the years before air conditioning and the Internal Combustion engine. It was quite pleasant to travel in comfortable temperatures and not having rain on my head.

Here we are on the lower Cainville Wash Road, this was a pleasant part of the drive. I half expected to see Wile E. Coyote and that silly Road Runner whizz past us.

A few short minutes later on SR-24 headed west... here come the clouds, tinged with red from the light reflecting off the deep red of the rocks.

Now traveling over the Boulder Mountains and over 8,000 feet it is snowing, and we are worrying, our next destination is another 26 miles down yet another dirt road. Are we doomed? Possibly, you never know in Utah.

Just south of Boulder, UT, and just a few miles down the road and a few thousand feet lower in elevation the weather has cleared a bit, this is called "The Hogsback" a road on top of a ridge that drops away sharply on either side. SR-12 is designated a "Scenic By-Way" and scenic it is. It is one of my favorite roads to drive but altogether too short.

Next Stop Escalante-Grand Staircase Ranger Station in Escalante, UT. Where we received the bad news that the road was not in good shape before the rains, and we were watching it rain on the Hole-In-The-Rock Road on our drive into Escalante. After a quick Pow-Wow we headed to Escalante State park to eat lunch and weigh some options for camping that night.

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