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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, UT

So after my stroll I arrived at the FrontRunner commuter rail station. (No pictures a guard appeared out of nowhere and moderately politely asked me to cease and desist.) I then boarded for a fairly slow train ride to Ogden. Disembarking I headed south back along the tracks to here, the historic Ogden Union Station. Quite a fun old building, I contains the Railroad Museum, the Classic Car Museum, and the John M. Browning Gun Museum. You will notice that I took no pictures of the gun museum. If the car museum was poorly lit, this thing is a dark hole in Calcutta. Just looked and enjoyed.

Sigma 17-70

Out back/down south of the Museum is the actual train area, there are some cool trains, and some quite old and decrepit trains, and a lot of stuff inbetween. I had fun wandering in, around and between the trains. My intent was to produce images that are striking and NOT what the average tourist would take. I did take a few of those for my own reference but will not be posting them here. On with the show:

This was converted to B&W simply because it was fairly monochromatic to begin with. The shapes and massiveness of the engineering just boggle my mind. Sigma 17-70

This is heavily processed to achieve the look I wanted. Don't know if I was too heavy handed, what do you think? Pentax K-135 f2.5

Pentax K-28mm f3.5

Pentax K-50mm f1.4

Sigma 17-70

Sigma 17-70

Sigma 17-70

Sigma 17-70

I think I went the craziest processing this one, but I shot it with that intent in mind. There are some folks on the forums I go to that really do some interesting processing, I wanted to see what I could come up with. Sigma 17-70

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