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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cathedral of the Madeline

Alrighty, after Temple Square I headed to The Cathedral of the Madeline, which celebrated it's 100 year birthday/building day.... whatever. I had e-mailed ahead and found out that it is open at 9:00 after morning mass. I have long wanted to visit it, I enjoyed cathedraling almost as much as castling when I lived in Scotland. Mainly because old things impress me, and Scotland is blessed with a wealth of old things... Castles.... Cathedrals....

Anyway, here a just a few shots to show the flavor of the building. Sigma 10-20

Gargoyles. I LOVE gargoyles, I love just saying the name. Try it, let it roll around on your tongue, and savor the syllables. It's just cool man! Cosmicar 70-200.

Sigma 10-20

Pools of light cast by the stained glass illuminate the altar and flowers lending an ethereal glow to the marble. Sigma 17-70

Sigma 17-70

Sigma 17-70
The symmetry of the paintings on the buttresses and their shape excite me, it truly is a beautiful sight. Sigma 17-70

Cosmicar 70-200

1 comment:

Frieda said...

Nice shots...I have tried to take photos while laying on the ground/floor while trying to ignore strange looks. But you get an unique perspective that would not otherwise be seen~